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Ron Burke, KB9DJA, was nominated for the 2014 Technical Excellence Award given by the Indianapolis Radio Club Council (IRCC).   Click HERE for details

Ron Burke, KB9DJA, IRCC Outstanding Amateur of the Year award recipient for 2014. You can click HERE for a picture of the award presentation. Click HERE for a close-up image of the award. Congratulations Ron !

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September 11, 2018

1)  Preparedness in September - (Week 2):

Imagine public safety and ourselves trying to operate without any electricity, cell phones, internet capabilities or landline telephones for more than 24 hours. A natural disaster, or a structured, well planned and executed attack on the infrastructure would be devastating for an extended period. We now have a populace who are in the dark, no electricity, no way of getting information, cannot communicate with loved ones. They begin panic and call 911 - and there’s no answer.  What would you do? How could you manage? Hendricks County ARES is proclaiming this month “PREPAREDNESS” month. We encourage you to take time this month to plan and execute a drill/exercise for yourself and your family. More next week.

2)  The Hendricks County ARES Tuesday Night Simplex Nets will begin in September. These Simplex Nets will run, once a month, from September thru April. Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, hosted the first net of the season on September 11th.  These nets are held on any Tuesday Night starting at 8pm, right after the Hendricks County ARES Weekly Tuesday Night Scheduled Net. If anyone is interested in helping out in running a Simplex Net, please contact Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, for details.

3) The Hendricks County ARES Monthly Hospital Net will not run from IU West Hospital for the rest of the year because the Hospital will be under construction. The next net, at 10:30am on September 15th, will be conducted by Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, from Hendricks Regional Hospital. Operators of the Hendricks County Health Department's Radio Team will be operating from the Hendricks County Fairgrounds. The frequency used will be 147.570MHz.  This Net is to check the capability and performance of our radio’s with the Net Controller, and other Amateurs in and around Hendricks County. This is part of the HCARES training.

4)  The Plainfield Fall Festival Quaker Day Parade, sponsored by the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce, will be on September 22, 2018. The Plainfield Chamber of Commerce once again asked the Hendricks County ARES for their help, needing 6 Communicator’s for this Event.  If you are a Hendricks County ARES member and would like to help out, contact Ron Burke, KB9DJA, at kb9dja@gmail.com for details.

The 2018 Bloomington Indiana Hamfest, sponsored by the Bloomington Amateur Radio Club, will be Saturday September 22nd, at the Monroe County Fairgrounds Community Building. This is located at 5700 Airport Road Bloomington. Talk- in will be on the 146.640MHz Repeater (PL-Tone 136.5 Hz). For more information contact Jimmy Merry Jr., KC9RPX, at 812-391-2661 or at kc9rpx@arrl.net.  You can also go to http://www.bloomingtonradio.org.

6) The American Diabetes Association is in need communications assistance with their annual ADA Tour de Cure bike ride on Saturday October 20th.  The ride will start and end at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The ride will occur on roads in Marion, Hendricks, and Boone counties with the farthest north point being in the Whitestown area. 

The event organizers are planning to have a total of 3 water/aid stops along the route outside of the speedway and 5 inside the speedway.   Tony Stokes, KU9V, said:  “I am looking for volunteers for the water/aid stops both along the outer route and inside the speedway.  I will also be looking volunteers to act as APRS trackers for both the 50k and 75k lead and tail, SAGS, (SAGS should have a vehicle that can carry at least one bicycle and rider, APRS is encouraged) as well as several other areas along the course. 

Volunteers should have at least a 2 meter mobile radio but a dual band is encouraged.  If you would like to volunteer, please respond to this message and indicate what type of position you are interested in.  Please feel free to forward this message to anyone you think would be interested in volunteering for the event. If you have any questions please feel free to email me Tony Stokes, KU9V, at ku9v@arrl.net”.

If you are looking for experience in emergency communications, consider helping with one of the public service events in the area. Go to http://www.indyhams.org.  Look on the left side of the page, under the heading called Upcoming Events, to find some good choices.



Ron Burke, KB9DJA, announced that the September 15th monthly Hospital Net will be at 10:30 am on the 147.570MHz simplex frequency. Operators of the Hendricks County Health Department's Radio Team will be the participating from the Hendricks County Fairgrounds, passing messages to a hospital of their choice. These Nets are a major part of the Hendricks County ARES training.

•  Rick Burdan, WB9DPN, announced that the Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society will be participating in the 2018 Indianapolis Hilltop Event this Saturday, September 15th. If you would like you can meet at 7am at the Danville McDonalds for breakfast. The event will run from 9am to 1pm. With Setup at 8am at the Weakley's Hill Farm,  2 Miles West of Danville on State Road 236.

Jimmy Merry Jr, KC9RPX, announced that the Bloomington Hamfest will be on September 22nd, from 8am to 3p. See item #5 above for details.

The various meetings and nets mentioned above are all training opportunities.  Please participate in as many as possible.

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I’m reaching out to you to share our recently published Best Online Master's in Media Communications guide.  You might be wondering why this is important and how it relates to Hendricks County Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

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Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society club meetings: 2nd Monday of each month. HC Government Center at 7:00pm

ARES Net is held every Tuesday at 7:30pm on 147.015 MHz

Weak signals can get into the repeater better when transmitting a 123.0 Hz tone.  However, a tone is NOT required.

RACES and SkyWarn Nets are called as needed - 147.165 MHz

Hospital Radio Nets are on 147.570 MHz simplex at 10:30am, the 3rd Saturday of each month, EXCEPT November and December.. All Hams are invited to participate.

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American Legion magazine, March edition page 32. You can access the article by ckicking HERE.