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Ron Burke, KB9DJA, was nominated for the 2014 Technical Excellence Award given by the Indianapolis Radio Club Council (IRCC).   Click HERE for details

Ron Burke, KB9DJA, IRCC Outstanding Amateur of the Year award recipient for 2014. You can click HERE for a picture of the award presentation. Click HERE for a close-up image of the award. Congratulations Ron !

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September 17, 2019


1) There are three events that have been posted on ARES Connect, requiring amateur radio communications.

• The Hoosier Hikers Council has requested assistance with communications for their Knobstone Mini Marathon (walk/run) in Morgan/Monroe State Forest on October 12th.

• The Martinsville Fall Foliage Festival has requested assistance with their annual parade in Martinsville on October 13th.

• The Indiana Trail Runners Association has requested amateur radio support during their annual Tecumseh Marathon which runs from Morgan/Monroe State Forest to Yellowwood Lake in Brown County on October 26th.

If you are available to assist with any or all of these events, you can register on ARES Connect or let Brian Elliott, N9JPX, at 765-346-1123 or at n9jpx09@yahoo.com, and I will put you on the list of volunteers. Thanks for your participation and support.

2) Greetings Everyone.  If you have already volunteered for this event, you may ignore this request. The 24th annual Indianapolis Half Marathon at Fort Ben is scheduled for Saturday October 5th 2019.  The race director has requested the assistance of the local Amateur Radio community to provide communications support.  Ham Radio volunteers will be stationed at key locations along the course to report event progress, medical emergencies and other items of interest to the event staff.  Volunteers will be released as the event passes their location for the final time. I am looking for at least 1 more volunteer to complete the minimum number of volunteers for this event.  If you are interested, simply reply to this email and let me know.  OR contact Brent Walls, N9BA, at 317-557-7224 or email bwalls@arrl.net.

3) Preparedness in September - Week 3 :

Because of the numerous repeaters around and the ingenuity of many Amateurs Radio Operators, we can make a difference in disaster communications. Before we do that, as hams we need to look at 3 areas of concern.

Equipment:  If we don’t have functional equipment stored in a place where numerous hams can access it, then we fail before we begin. Put what you need together now - before it is needed. Hendricks County ARES has such a place to be used in times of emergencies

Training:  While just having an Amateur Radio, operators are available is an asset to public safety, you can increase your capability by taking additional training such as the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Communication courses, and most importantly National Incident Management System (NIMS). The NIMS courses are free from FEMA and are online. You need courses in 100, 200, 700a, 800b to be deployed in the field during an emergency. Taking these courses adds to your credibility as a disaster communications operator and will help you better understand the needs and procedures of public safety entities during a disaster.

People:  We need good, dedicated, accountable, well trained operators to accomplish all of this.

FEMA has proclaimed this month “PREPAREDNESS” month. You are encouraged to take this month to make a plan and execute the plan with a drill/exercise for yourself and your family.  More next week…

4) Attention!! All Hendricks County ARES Members and Amateurs: As of August 25, 2019, the 147.015MHz N9HC Repeater now requires an 88.5Hz sub-audible tone for access. Users need to transmit the tone in order to open the squelch of the repeater receiver. This action was decided upon by the Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society, after several months of problems with the repeater. If you have not yet added the tone to your radios, please do so now, so that you will be able to use this repeater.

The next Hendricks County ARES Hospital Net will be on September 21st. The Net will start at 10:30am with Gary Paschke, AB9SS, hosting from Hendricks Regional Health Hospital. The Net will be conducted on 147.570MHz simplex. This Net is used to check the capability and performance of our radio equipment with a Net Control Station as well as other Hams in and around Hendricks County, during an Emergency and/or Disaster.

6) The Monroe County Hamfest, sponsored by the Bloomington Amateur Radio Club, Southern Indiana Radio Association, and the University Amateur Radio Club, will be on Saturday September 28th. It will be held at the Monroe County Fairgrounds located at 5700 W. Airport Road in Bloomington. Talk-in will be on 146.640MHz with a 136.5Hz sub-audible tone. For more information please contact Bill Evans, N9SYI, at contact@bloomingtonradio.org or by phone at 317-319-1573. Or you can go to www.bloomingtonradio.org.

7) The next W9HCA Hendricks County ARES Tuesday Night Simplex Net, will be on October 8th.  Nicolus Moon, KD7YUF, will be hosting on the simplex frequency of 145.570MHz. This net will be held right the scheduled weekly W9HCA Hendricks County ARES Net. These Nets are used to test the performance and capability of our radio equipment with a Net Controller as well as Amateurs in and around Hendricks County.


There were no new on-air announcements made this week.


The various meetings and nets mentioned above are all training opportunities.  Please participate in as many as possible.


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Local  Events
Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society club meetings: 2nd Monday of each month. HC Government Center at 7:00pm

ARES Net is held every Tuesday at 7:30pm on 147.015 MHz

As of August 2019, you must transmit an 88.5Hz sub-audible tone to access the repeater.

RACES and SkyWarn Nets are called as needed - 147.165 MHz

Hospital Radio Nets are on 147.570 MHz simplex at 10:30am, the 3rd Saturday of each month, EXCEPT November and December.. All Hams are invited to participate.

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