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September 21, 2021

1) Brian Elliott, N9JPX, is looking for volunteers to provide amateur radio communications for two events in October.    

The Martinsville Fall Foliage Festival Parade is Sunday, October 10th.  We assist local festival volunteers by providing communications in Martinsville.  This event runs from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  Six to eight volunteers are needed.   
The Indiana Trail Runners Association has requested several volunteers for its Tecumseh Trail Challenge 2021 around Yellow Wood Lake in Brown County on Saturday, October 23rd. This event runs from 8:00am to 7:00pm & will be split into shifts if we get enough volunteers.  Eight or more volunteers needed.  This event is not like past years when the runners were transported to Morgan/Monroe to start.  It's all loops around the Yellow Wood Lake area.  

If you are interested in volunteering for either or both events, please contact Brian via
e-mail at n9jpx09@yahoo.com or by cell at 765-346-1123.  Please do this as soon as possible so you can get on the list(s) and have the required information forwarded to you. Thanks for your consideration & 73.

2)  Preparedness in September Week 3:
Because of the numerous repeaters around and the ingenuity of many Amateur Radio operators, we can make a difference in disaster communications. Before we do that, as hams we need to look at three areas of concern.
 Equipment: . If we don’t have functional equipment stored in a place where numerous hams can access it then we fail before we even begin.  Put what you need together now- before it’s needed. Hendricks County ARES has such a place to be used in times of emergencies.
     B)  Training: 
While just having Amateur Radio operators available is an asset to public safety, you can increase your credibility by taking additional training such as the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Communication courses, and most importantly National Incident Management System (NIMS). The NIMS courses are free from FEMA and are online. You need courses in 100, 200, 700a , and 800b. Taking these courses adds to your credibility as a disaster communications operator and will help you better understand what the various public safety needs, and why during a disaster.

     C)  People:   We need good, dedicated, accountable, well-trained people to accomplish all of this.  Hendricks County ARES is proclaiming this month “PREPAREDNESSmonth.  We encourage you to take time this month to plan and execute the plan with a drill/exercise for yourself and family.  More next week.

3) Tonight’s Tuesday Night Simplex Net was conducted by Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, on 147.570MHz (simplex).  The nets will run from September to April.  These Nets are held to check the capabilities and performance of our equipment with a Net Control Operator (NCO) as well as other Hams in and around Hendricks County.  If you are interested in helping out by running a net, please contact Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, at 317-874-7068 or by email at kc9sqd425@gmail.com.   

4) The next Danville Community Amateur Radio Club (DCARC) meeting will be on
Wednesday, September 22nd at 7pm at its new location.  It will be at the Hendricks County Senior Services Center, located at 1201 Sycamore Lane, in Danville. The Club meets on the third Wednesday night of each month.

5) The next meeting of the Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society (HCARS) will be at 7pm on Monday, October 11th at the Hendricks County Government Center, 355 S. Washington St., Danville.  Please enter through the northwest doors.  The club meets on the second Monday night of each month.

6) The Hendricks Emergency Radio Operation’s (H.E.R.O.), now has a GoFundMe page.  A link to the page is on both the Hendricks County ARES website and the Hendricks County ARES Facebook page. Here is a direct link too: https://gofund.me/5b6257b1.  You may also go to http://heroradio.org for more information. The money raised will allow us to purchase equipment to be used during an emergency of disaster as well as regular amateur communications.  Please help us out by telling all of your friends and family. 


 Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, told everyone to stay around for the Tuesday Night Simplex net, to take place after the regular net.

The Southern Gateway Radio League C4FM digital “Fusion" net, normally held on the W9ZSK 147.255 repeater in Martinsville, Indiana will be moved to the W9ZSK 444.250 repeater on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 8:30 P.M. (Eastern Daylight Time) to allow Wires-X users to access the net from beyond the repeater's regular coverage area. This will be a directed net and all participants are asked to pause between transmissions to allow Wires-X users to connect & disconnect. Wires-X users should connect to the N9AWU room #43978. Click HERE for more net details.

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Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society club meetings: 2nd Monday of each month. HC Government Center at 7:00pm

ARES Net is held every Tuesday at 7:30pm on 147.015 MHz

As of August 2019, you must transmit an 88.5Hz sub-audible tone to access the repeater.

RACES and SkyWarn Nets are called as needed - 147.165 MHz

Hospital Radio Nets are on 147.570 MHz simplex at 10:30am, the 3rd Saturday of each month, EXCEPT November and December.. All Hams are invited to participate.

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